Through & Through


Through & Through

Cat Elliott

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Through & Through

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This is my very first self produced single! I am so proud and excited to share it. If you're interested to know the story behind this song, check out the article "An August Tune: Through & Through" over on the blog (Elliott Speaks) As promised, I am leaving it to you to decide what the song is worth, and hopefully a few of you will donate something to the Starving Artist Fund! ;-) But whatever - I hope you love listening to the song and enjoy the content. That's the main thing!

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You’ve discovered the home of Cat Elliott.

“An Indie artist with a unique voice and sound, an observing eye, a quick mind and an inclination to word smithery.”

Cat enjoys creating lyrical, melodic indie pop. She’s also a recording artist, classical composer, traveller and overall a bit of a character. 

Whether you are here by fortuitous accident or slick design, flit around, enjoy your time.