All Your People (Tribute to Amy Winehouse)

Cat Elliott

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All Your People (Tribute to Amy Winehouse)

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I wrote and recorded this song as a tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. Truly she will always live on through her amazing songs and voice. God bless her! I'm pledging 25% of all proceeds from this song to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity which supports and helps troubled young souls. I didn't write the song with any pretentions to a personal friendship with her, it is just a song from the perspective of someone who admired her, and was genuinely greatly troubled and saddened to see what she, and her family, went through. This song is to all Her People, who love and miss her.

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Cat enjoys creating lyrical, melodic indie pop. She’s also a recording artist, classical composer, traveller and overall a bit of a character. 

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