The Story So Far.

According to reliable sources (one being her mum) Cat began making a lot of noise at a very early age. However she probably really only made any remotely tuneful sounds when she started singing along to Annie at around the age of 8. Sensing a latent talent, her parents encouraged her to play piano. She took to music like a pig to a pool of mud, but the formal lessons were short lived. The theory of music was unfathomable.

Discovering another passion - for travel & adventure - Cat flew the nest at 16 and embarked upon an unconventional life, moving from place to place, living in all manner of unusual abodes and meeting all manner of eccentric folk.

During this period she absorbed many life lessons, and when she began clumsily to learn guitar (alone, as ever!), it was almost as a means to an end. The creativity, the songs, were bubbling underneath the surface. They needed an outlet.  

Cat has come a long way since those first few unexpected songs burst messily out. She rediscovered the piano (literally - it had been in storage gathering dust for years, waiting) and re-taught herself, adding classical compositions to her catalogue of original material.

Time has matured both the Artist and the Art. 

Her first semi-autobiographical EP, “Through & Through” was released in March 2018.

In between promoting the EP, and travelling around for various projects, she’s writing new material and learning to produce music herself. 

Cat loves the contrast between the raw energy of playing live and the controlled process of making records in a studio. 

After all, “variety is the spice life.”