A Singular Strategy: The June Song (2019) PRIMORDIAL

Hey you Feisty Folkers! 

How’re you doing? Just wanted to drop a quick update / newsflash! 

So, you remember I mentioned I’d be releasing a single (roughly) every month henceforth? OK, well that’s still the plan. 

Only, the song I was working on for June got delayed.. due to technical issues (mostly my own ineptitude, to be honest)... 

Thankfully though, my co-written (with Marcus Wilde) single “Primordial” was released only recently and what with the video shoot taking place on the 1st June, and all the unfolding excitement, I thought I’d go with the flow and make “Primordial” the June single. Even though technically it was released in May. 

But hey, I figured you’d all  let me off on this occasion. 

And to make it even easier to swallow, I’ll be sharing a lot of great content with you throughout June. 

Loads of stuff about the song and video. I think you’ll like it. At least I hope you like it! 

So it’s a bit of a cheat, but with some sweet compensatory treats! 

And I just don’t want to release something I’m not 100 hundred percent happy with ever again... you know? 

(Not that I’m a perfectionist or anything... ) 

I hope you understand... 

Thanks so much for reading the blog, watching the vlog, and being here on the journey with me! 

Look out for some juicy “Primordial” tid-bits over the coming weeks. 

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Sending you cyber hugs! 

Cat xx

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