The Curse of "Cursive Singing"

Curse this “Cursive Singing”. 

And "Oh-eff yo-ow doh-went no-way woah-ayt Oi-emm ser-way-ay-en..." (*If you don't know what I'm saying) or talking about, then quite simply it is the tactic of contorting vowels when singing, which is so much in vogue…

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A Tribute to Amy Winehouse, The Queen of Soul

“All Your People” - A Tribute to Amy Winehouse. 

The Story of The Song. 

This is a tribute song I wrote not long after Amy Winehouse made her too early, tragic departure from the physical realm. This post isn’t about…

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An August Tune: Through & Through

Hello, Fine Folk’er!

Welcome to SSS (Song Story Series): Episode 1, Through & Through (Available from 1st August 2019!) 

The Inspiration:  

Most people think this song is autobiographical, (and maybe I’m shooting myself in the foot  admitting this)...but it’s not. 

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A Singular Strategy: The June Song (2019) PRIMORDIAL

Hey you Feisty Folkers! 

How’re you doing? Just wanted to drop a quick update / newsflash! 

So, you remember I mentioned I’d be releasing a single (roughly) every month henceforth? OK, well that’s still the plan. 

Only, the song I…

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A Singular Strategy for Success....

Hey Folk’ers! 

Without (much) preamble I’m going to get straight to the point. 

I’ve never been known for consistency ... but that’s all about to change. In a big way! 

Inspired by an article by fellow singer songwriter Corey Koehler…

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Summer....Oh, The Summer....

One of the friends I made this summer, Damien, created a Facebook album, bursting with gorgeous colourful and joyful pictures of barbecues and sparkling rivers, lush valleys and blue ocean waves. The pictures tell the story of the perfect summer.

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Well Hello! And may I just confess...

I am so glad you landed here!  

It hardly seems possible that another summer (oh, the summer....) has slipped by and here we are, in autumn. 

Almost into Winter already. Halloween came and went in a cacophony of…

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Notting Hill Music: Networking @ Tileyard Studios

Notting Hill Music & The Tileyard Studios Show Us How It’s Done.
#Networking #Livemusic #freebeer

I am not really the networking sort. It seems a bit contrived to go somewhere specifically to swap cards and meet “useful” people. No doubt…

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